Creating A Supportive Space for the Experience of Grief

Grief and bereavement can be a lonely, almost unbearable journey.  An experienced grief and loss counsellor can help you find ways to bear the life you’re in – even when that life holds unutterable pain.

Grief crashes down upon you, engulfs you like a dark tsunami.  It brings overwhelming chaos, thrusts you into an unfamiliar universe and often leaves you drowning in a sea of pain.  At times, you question your own sanity.  Please know there is nothing wrong with you – this experience is a very natural response to grief and bereavement.

When you suffer a loss, people initially gather around and want to help.  Then suddenly, sometimes within the space of only a few weeks or months, there is no one and you are alone.  Society demands that we not dwell on our sadness, that we ‘get back to normal’, but this attitude runs counter to and impedes the natural flow of grief. When you’re in pain you don’t need to be fixed or hurried along.  Grief has no start or finish line.  It is not a race.

You need a space where you can take off the face you present to the world – the worker, the family member, the responsible citizen – and just be.  You need a refuge, a safe place where you don’t have to struggle to make small talk, somewhere you can express your emotions in an atmosphere of patience, kindness and respect.  Somewhere you can be the expert on your grief and find your way out of the maze of loss.

As an experienced grief and loss counsellor, my role is to listen, acknowledge and support.

I have had the privilege of working with people who have endured terrible loss and witness them become whole once more and able to move forward with a sense of hope and healing.  I know that, from where you’re standing, it is almost impossible to believe that grief can be a process that allows something painful to be both treasured and transformed.  But with time, constancy, empathy and support, it can be done.

If you would like to go beyond platitudes, find practical tools that will help you come back to yourself in an irrevocably changed world and connect with a future that is less anxiety-provoking and more hopeful, then call 0458 402 940.