I have loved listening to people’s stories all my life, so it was inevitable that I took that first step, many years ago, on the long road to becoming a qualified grief and loss counsellor.

I had the very great privilege of working for nine years as a hospice volunteer, walking alongside those living through the final stages of their lives.  I have worked as a telephone counsellor with Grief Support providing a safe space for grief-stricken people when they reached out for understanding and human connection.

I have learned the healing power of story-telling – stories that illustrate who people were, who they became and the lives they touched.  My clinical experience and training supported the process of ‘fascinated listening’ as I realised that curiosity and wonder are often more healing than knowledge.  It is also what allows people to share their grief, understand it, and ultimately transform it into something full of hope.

I have worked in intensive care units witnessing daily scenes of family and friends in waiting rooms, surrounded by sterile corridors, doctors in white coats, nurses and the noise of beeping machines trying to make sense of what was going on whilst taking in complicated information from medical staff.  Then, suddenly, the waiting would be over when someone resembling a doctor came to tell them their loved one had died and to ask if they wanted to say their goodbyes.  I watched those same families walk out of hospital doors armed with nothing more than a bag full of their loved one’s belongings and possibly a brochure titled ‘Understanding Grief’.

I have worked face-to-face with people in community health organisations, and have sat vigil by a hospital bed as a loved family member did not wake up from a coma.

In private practice my aim is to provide a space where loss – humanity’s most universal yet lonely experience – can be shared, witnessed and carried.

Grief is as unique as our thumbprint – left untended it can become a way of life.

If you’re wishing for the world to make sense again, I am here to listen and offer support, empathy, acknowledgement  and practical encouragement to help you find your own way, in your own time, at your own pace.