What is mindfulness?

In essence, the aim of all mindfulness practices is to allow you to have a different, easier relationship with thoughts, feelings, images and physical sensations.  Mindfulness has its origins in Eastern philosophy and has been practiced for thousands of years.  It is not a religion but rather a spiritual approach to everyday life.

Grieving mindfully is the process of turning toward the grieving process and connecting with the experience as it unfolds.  Mindful attention does not try to change what is happening.  It is a way of attending to your grief that is sensitive, warm, friendly, compassionate and allowing.

Mindfulness helps you to be aware of all the moments of your life and your relationships, your hopes and your dreams, all of which have been shaken up by loss.  Grieving mindfully helps you to consciously put the pieces back together while appreciating who or what you have lost, who you are and who you want to be.  It can also help to:

  • relieve stress and anxiety
  • improve sleep
  • slow down your thoughts so you can think more clearly
  • manage depression
  • regulate your moods
  • improve emotional stability and concentration

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