Grief is a natural response to a devastating personal loss.  It takes time to heal, to find the best way forward.  Grief is not something that disappears but with the support of a specialist grief and loss counsellor, its intensity can be eased. Even in the darkest places, there is hope.


I offer a confidential, safe and non-judgmental space in which you can explore and come to understand the feelings, impact and changes that a significant loss brings.  I also offer practical tools that will help you find and follow your own unique path forward – in your own time, at your own pace.


My therapeutic approach focuses on what you need as an individual.  I use mindfulness based approaches which recognise you as the expert on your grief story with your own timetable for healing.  These approaches give you permission to choose what you do with your time right now and how you wish to deal with your grief.  I can help you to:

  • deal with the situation at hand, right now
  • set anchor points when grief is just too big
  • release the weight of ‘shoulds’ so you follow your own timetable
  • determine the most helpful support pathways so you don’t feel so alone
  • maintain overall health as you grieve
  • identify what you need and value
  • create awareness of how your grief and loss affects your life
  • find authentic ways of wanting what’s good
  • reconnect with the world in a way that feels right for you
  • discover a place of stability in yourself so you can be at ease
  • integrate grief so that it is part of you but not all of you, so you can develop a new self-narrative with which to move forward

To help you navigate this difficult time and get the best help possible, I also encourage a range of skills to help you express and understand your grief, including:

  • creative writing
  • art therapy
  • mindfulness

Dealing with grief and loss is never easy.  I’m here to help. Call 0458 402 940.