“A good listener helps us to overhear ourselves.”

Yahia Lababidi


Grief is a normal response to a devastating loss and personally significant change in an individual’s life and entails a natural healing process.   Following a death or major loss, family and friends generally provide support however as time goes on this help and understanding lessens.  It is at this point loneliness and isolation can often intensify and depression can follow.

It is during this time that …

Giving yourself:

  • Permission to grieve openly and fully
  • Permission to take your time
  • Permission to remember
  • Permission to laugh, cry, get angry, be sad – to feel as you feel
  • Permission to live as best you can if only “under the circumstances”
  • Permission to choose to be alone or hang out in crowds
  • Permission to make changes or keep things the same
  • Permission to plan your future with a positive and healthy outlook
  • Permission to say no or yes or change your mind.

Counselling and psychotherapy are umbrella terms that cover a range of therapies delivered by trained practitioners who work with people either short or long term to help them transform grief and enhance their well-being.  One of the aims of the therapy process is to relieve … .

Counselling …

Psychotherapy …

Other considerations …

You will not be alone as I will be listening to you and engaging with you in order to help you understand and make sense of your experience.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or to discuss how we might get started.